Kirisun NZ the authorised Kirisun Distributor, warrants Kirisun products within New Zealand to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the applicable period indicated below:


  • All radios two (2) years from the date of purchase, (excluding accessories), from a New Zealand authorised Kirisun NZ Dealer.


  • Six (6) months from the date of purchase, from a New Zealand authorised Kirisun Dealer. (i.e. battery, antenna, battery chargers etc)

Unless otherwise expressly provided, any fault arising from defective workmanship or material shall be rectified by Kirisun where the equipment is returned freight prepaid to Kirisun NZ.

This warranty shall not apply:

  • To any Kirisun product which has failed due to improper installation, misuse, accident, alteration or unauthorised repair or modification.
  • If any serial number or identification plate attached to the goods has been altered, rendered illegible, or removed.
  • If the goods have been damaged by corrosion, deterioration or the like contributed to abnormal temperatures; the influence of foreign matter or energy or physical or chemical properties of water, steam or chemical compounds.
  • To any Kirisun product not originally supplied by Kirisun NZ Limited to an authorised Dealer of Kirisun NZ Limited.
  • Please check with us if you feel a Kirisun product is being offered for sale that has been sourced from anywhere other than Kirisun NZ Limited.

Warranty Service Instructions:

  • If you are experiencing difficulty with your Kirisun equipment return it to Kirisun NZ Limited, preferably in the original carton, without accessories and include a brief explanation of the difficulty you are experiencing. Although we take the utmost care Kirisun NZ Limited shall assume no liability for the loss or safe return of an accessory item.
  • Include accessories only if your specific situation indicates an accessory related difficulty exists. It is important to itemise these accessories on the note of explanation.
  • If the requested repairs or service are within the terms of the warranty, your equipment will be repaired and returned prepaid to any designated point within New Zealand. The freight carrier is at the option of Kirisun NZ Limited
  • If the requested repairs or service are not within the terms of warranty or if you fail to provide acceptable evidence of the date of purchase you will be contacted with a quote to repair your equipment. Return freight will be charged in this instance.
  • All equipment returned under warranty must be freight prepaid. Freight collect packages will not be accepted.


Radios supplied by Kirisun NZ Limited have been typed approved for use in New Zealand. There are unfortunately non Kirisun NZ Limited approved sellers representing Kirisun products. Often these products will have a different model number from what is listed on our website. This is because those radios have been sourced outside of New Zealand and hence are not “NZ TYPE APPROVED” by Radio Spectrum Management, a division of MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment). It is ILLEGAL TO OPERATE non type approved radios in New Zealand.
If you believe someone is selling KIRISUN radios that are not type approved or you are unsure about your own radio please let us know.

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